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Finding and Owning a Cat That's Right For YOU!

Dear Cat Lover,

You may be thinking about finding a cat for you or your family. There are so many things to consider when trying to find that cute little cat. The cat might be for themselves, for a loved one, a friend, or for children. Buying a cat is not as simple as looking in the store window and saying that you want that one.

Not all cats are the same. Different breeds of cats mean different physical features, different personality traits and different behaviors. You don't want to get a cat that craves its owners attention all of the time.

On the other side, if you are looking for a cat that you can snuggle up to while watching television, you don't want to pick out a cat just to find that they couldnt care less about being with you. This book will help you to find just the right fit so that both you and your cat are happy. There is sure to be an abundance of questions regarding their feeding habits, grooming, health, vaccinations, and what supplies you will need to have on hand.

Even if you have had a cat before, there are sure to be tips and tricks in this book that will help you understand and deal with behaviors that your cat may be displaying. This book is basically the Cat 101 on buying and owning a cat, plus there is a helpful chapter that is full of dictionary terms so that you can understand what other cat owners and your veterinarian are talking about, the information in this book is priceless!

One of the main reasons that animal shelters and rescue shelters are so packed with animals is because people take on more than they bargained for when they get a pet without doing the proper research on that particular breed beforehand.

This book gives readers insight as to the common breeds of cat that many people find themselves quite happy with, and what criteria should determine what kind of feline companion that you should be looking for. Without this information you are taking a risk at getting a cat that you are not happy with and sending it to a pet shelter or being stuck with that cat for the rest of its life because you are too guilty to get rid of it.
This doesn't have to be your reality, this book offers you all the information you need in order to determine what type of cat is going to work best with you. It also contains chapters of useful information that will help you care for your cat after your decide what you want.

Why spend hours searching all over the internet or through dozens of books when you can find all the information that you are looking for in one resource?

The Complete Guide to Buying and Owning a Cat is Here...
Once you have read the book and decided on what type or breed of cat to get, you will find all the information that you need on how to become prepared for your new addition to your home. In reality, buying a pet of any kind is a major purchase because it is not only affecting your life but also the life of that cat.

This book will help you to know what items are necessary for your cat to feel comfortable in its new home, how to feed your new cat, and how to deal with many of its behaviors. Many who decide to buy a kitten find themselves are completely unprepared once they get them home. This book will help to prepare you so that you will be able to transition smoothly as your kitten grows into a full grown, adult cat.
There is a wealth of information in this book that you will be able to refer to in years to come. There is information on feeding habits for your cat, how to groom your cat, how to travel with your cat, how to understand your cat, and how to discipline your cat. What's really great is that each chapter contains many tricks and suggestions that might make life a little easier for you and your cat, especially if this is the first time you have ever owned a cat.

Doing research before bringing and animal home is a smart idea; this book has done all the work for you by combining a variety of topics all into one resource. Don't waste your time searching for answers to your cat questions when you can find everything you need within this one book.

Reasons You Cant Do Without this Information

1)Learn how to decide what cat is going to be the best choice for you or whoever the cat is being bought for.

Don't join the thousands of people that end up giving their cat back to the pet store, pawing it off on a friend, or turning it over to the local pet shelter because they are not what you thought they would be. This book shows you what to look for in a cat.

2) Invaluable information for after your decide to buy a cat.

You will learn what to feed your cat, how to feed your cat, how to groom your cat, how to discipline your cat, how to travel with your cat, how to understand those quirky behaviors that your cat may demonstrate, and how to keep your cat healthy.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....
Chapter 1 Popular Cat Breeds
Chapter 2 Choosing a Cat
Chapter 3 Tips for Dealing with a New Kitten
Chapter 4 Cat Supplies
Chapter 5 Cat Food and Feeding Tips
Chapter 6 The Health of Your Feline
Chapter 7 The Basics of Grooming
Chapter 8 Traveling With Your Feline Companion
Chapter 9 Behaviors That Many Cats Share
Chapter 10 Disciplining Your Cat
Chapter 11 Cat Organizations
Chapter 12 Cat Glossary

Wouldnt it be great to have an easy reference guide downloaded on your computer so that you can click and read what you need to know? The advantage of an e-book is that it takes up no shelf space, it is easily emailed, or you can put it on a memory stick and read it anywhere. You will want to go back to the cat care guide lines that are listed in various chapters. In this one-stop, tell-all text, you will be able to find all of the information that you need.

How can you go wrong for ONLY $1.99!

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